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Precision Holding Pliers

Precision Holding Pliers

Holding pliers are a great addition to any toolbox or workstation. When working in small spaces it can be difficult to insert your hand to hold something gently without harming the item. These precision pliers have soft padded jaws that offer a secure grip without marring or damaging finishes on sensitive surfaces. The adjustable jaws allow for a variety of applications. Once the pliers are adjusted, you simply slide the locking mechanism into place for a secure grip.

These durable holding pliers are a must-have in any toolbox or workstation. The ratcheting mechanism provides maximum grip with minimum flex on small or fragile parts. They can be opened wide to fit almost anything, and the rubber-coated handles prevent slippage. It's an essential tool for grasping, pulling, and positioning objects in precision work.

Precision pliers provide a secure grip on a workpiece or even hold two pieces together. You can use them to reach into hard-to-reach places – and they're flat, so they won't roll off your workbench. Similar product categories are heavy-duty wire cutters and precision cutters.

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