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Heavy Duty Cutters

Heavy Duty Cutters

The heavy-duty wire cutters are suitable for industrial applications and many other areas of work. The replaceable blades help to prolong the life of the cutters.

The perfect tool for the toughest materials. Built with a powerful cutting blade and safety lock, these heavy-duty cutters will make easy cuts in the toughest of materials. Easily slice through wires, cables, nails, and more.

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Heavy-duty wire cutters come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. You will always find the right cutter for your needs. It has a double-dipped handle and provides clean straight cuts throughout its lifetime. Side-action lock keeps handles secure when not in use.

These are extremely heavy-duty wire cutters that can cut through thick materials, like leather, upholstery foam, cardboard, and battery packs. They have built-in magnets to hold down your material for you as you cut it and the blade is extra sharp for the best cutting experience.

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