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Precision Cutters

Precision Cutters

Precision cutters have become a staple in the world of engineering. These cutting tools improve your productivity, allowing you to create consistent products with the use of sharp blades and secure clamps. They have been designed for increased precision, but it’s still essential to know what to look for when buying precision metal cutting tools.

Precision cutters from Lindström help make accurate cuts and clean, burr-free edges in machining applications. Choose from a wide range of styles for cutting a variety of materials including metal and non-ferrous materials. Browse through a diverse selection of spring-loaded shears, bolt cutters, diagonal cutters, benders and more to help find the precision tools your application requires.

Uses of precision cutters

Precision cutting tools are used to cut and form metal parts with a high degree of accuracy. Different types of precision cutters are available for different applications, but in general they all provide the same function: to make a particular cut or shape according to the needs of a manufacturer’s specifications.

Our high-performance line of cutting tools features precision-engineered tools that offer professional performance. Outstanding cutting quality, accuracy and durability come with each tool. Blades stay sharper longer. All products like precision heavy duty wire cutters or precision pliers are designed for a wide range of materials and jobs.