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Precision Diagonal Cutters with Tapered Head & ESD Safe Handle for hard materials

RX8143PS-RX 8147PS
Product Details
  • Products designed to get precise cuts on guidewires, catheter coil wires and cardiology and urology stents
  • Hard wire cutters can be used on single or multiple filars and for lateral or internal coil cuts
  • Sharp, fully aligned cutting edges
  • Material: High performance alloy steel
  • Precision induction hardened edges 63-65 HRC
  • Screw joint minimizes friction and maximizes alignment of cutting edges
  • ESD safe handles in synthetic material with return spring
  • Numerically controlled machining guarantees edge angle accuracy and contact, increasing the tools reliability and consistency
Technical Details
ESD Safe Rx8133 Rx8165lin Micro-Bevel® Flush
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Precision Micro Cut Diagonal Cutter with Tapered Head & ESD Safe Handle for hard materials RX8143PS Tapered S Flush 0.1-1.0 mm 0.01-0.04 in 135.5 mm 5.33 in 10.5 mm 0.41 in 10 mm 0.39 in 6 mm 0.24 inch 0.8 mm 0.03 in 70 g
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