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Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutters with Dual-Component Handle

Product Details
  • Handles with two-component combination, thermoplastic surface on tough polypropylene provides superior grip
  • Progressive bevel cutting edge: The cutting bevel progresses along the edge in order to cut soft and thin material at the tip and hard and thick material close to the joint
  • Tough design is ideal for production, maintenance, repair and service applications
  • Rivet joint minimizes friction and maximizes jaw alignment
  • Cutting edges hardened to 63–65 HRC for durable performance
  • High leverage joint to reduce cutting force
  • Equipped with a return spring featuring an on/off function
  • High performance alloy steel
  • Burnished finish and anti-corrosion treated
Technical Details
TRX 8180 Micro-Bevel® Cutting Capacity
Grouped product items
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Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter with Dual-Component Handle 4.5 mm TRX-8180 Oval L 210.0 mm 8.26 in 21 mm 0.82 in 29 mm 1.141 in 11 mm 0.433 inch 4.5 mm 0.177 in 3.0 mm 0.118 in 2.5 mm 0.10 in Progressive Bevel 304 g
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