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ERGO™ 60° Bent Tip Snipe Nose Pliers with Dual-Component Synthetic Handle

Product Details
  • Two-component ESD Safe Ergo™ handles: thermoplastic surface on tough polypropylene provides superior grip
  • Polished and tough hardened cutting edges to 55-58 HRC
  • Precision screw joint minimizes friction and maximizes alignment of cutting edges
  • Micro-Touch™: The shape of the handles makes it possible to control and rotate the pliers between thumb and index finger for precision work
  • Biospring® reduces tension throughout the working cycle of the tool and can be adjusted in three different positions
Technical Details
ESD Safe Rx7892lin Jaws Surface Smooth
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ERGO™ 60° Bent Tip Snipe Nose Pliers with 2-Component Synthetic Handle 155.5 mm RX7892 Bent Nose M 155.5 mm 6.12 in 29 mm 1.14 in 9 mm 0.35 in 6.7 mm 0.26 inch 1.2 mm 0.05 in 0.8 mm 0.03 in Smooth 73 g
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