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New Packaging! More information makes better decisions

New Packaging! More information makes better decisions

We are proud to inform you about the launch of the New Lindström Packaging

Packaging as a brand ambassador plays a central role as it improves the Lindström brand awareness amongst end-users with a premium look which is in complete unison with the product and its performance. Moreover, the new packaging will provide the customer with additional information on product specifications.

Unique packaging with a clear brand message is therefore a decisive factor in the purchase decision.

We are known within Electronics, Jewelry and Medical Device Manufacturing industries thanks to our excellent precision when cutting soft and hard wires. Precision is the attribute our customers value most from Lindström cutters and pliers.

The packaging design reflects the brand identity and brings the brand to life - from the visual appearance and feel of the packaging to its function and sustainability.

Started in 1856, Lindström has set the standard in precision tool manufacturing by listening and collaborating with our customers. As one of the oldest continuous producers of hand tools in existence today, we wanted to communicate it to our customers in our communication plan; linking our history and heritage to this new packaging.

Trust in the brand is critical when our customers are performing critical tasks within electronic assembly and military; consequently, we wanted to highlight in our packaging that we test 100% of our precision cutters and pliers and ensure that they are ESD Safe.

Finally, we have improved product data management including new attributes to bridge the gap between product developers and customers. All pieces of product literature need to be consistent, precise, enriched, accurate, and up-to-date to further enable sales.

Thanks to the new packaging we expect to get closer to the customer, support our distributor network and improve the Lindström experience all through the product journey.