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ESD Safe Precision Screwdriver

Feel the Ultimate Performance

Since the early days of the electronics era Lindström has been the brand of choice for manufacturers performing high volume work for critical applications. The Electronic Industry devices and the integrated circuits shrank in size and increased in complexity. Lindström presents a precision screwdriver crafted in Spain

to the best engineering standards to satisfy the requirements for tools used in the most demanding, delicate, high precision electrostatic applications. Lindström Precision Screwdrivers are ESD safe and safely dissipate electrostatic charges, reducing the possibility of damage to sensitive components.

  • ESD Safe. For all workplaces at which electrostatic charges or discharges can lead to hazards or damage.


  • Chrome, molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel blade 60 hrc hardness. Ensures an effective resistance and long life span.
  • Rotating head. Easy-movement rotating cap allows the tip to be perfectly positioned for fast comfortable finger movement during turning.


  • Precision machined black tips. Precise Fit. Guarantees accurate dimensions in the tip.

ESD Safe

The requirements for the ESD Safe screwdrivers are specified in the European Standard IEC 61340. One of these requirements is a handle manufactured from a specified electrically conductive material to discharge uniformly. The Electrical surface resistance of the ESD Material amounts to 106-109 Ohm (Dissipative materials). This protects components against electricity and associated damage.

Lindström ESD Precision Screwdrivers fully comply with this standard and satisfy the most demanding requirements from any critical and technological industry.


Lindström ESD Safe Precision Screwdrivers are manufactured using a Chrome, Molybdenum-Vanadium alloy steel blade and hardened to the best wear resistance (60 HRc) in the market ensuring effective resistance and long life span. Precision machined black tips ensure a precise fit and guarantee accurate dimensions at the tip; this will deliver long life and durability due to perfect engagement with the fastener.


For the last 165 years, design, comfort, and safety have been part of our DNA. The new ESD Safe Precision Screwdriver ergonomic handle is the combination of two components in the handle with thermostatic elastomer in the area of rotation designed to give the most comfortable grip in the market. The handle rotating head allows the tip to be perfectly positioned for fast comfortable finger movement during turning. The easy-movement rotating cap ensures rapid rotation and precise control. Type/Size easily recognizable thanks to the marking on every piece to quickly identify the driver you need.

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