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Expert choice

The new range of Lindström Tweezers meets the needs of the most demanding end-users in the world, who can now choose from hundreds of designs and a wide range of materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, ceramic and ESD safe materials. The tweezers can be used in many different fields to perform intricate work. Their unique structure and manufacturing materials mean that these tweezers can be used to carefully and safely handle different samples, substances and objects.

High Precision Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tweezer

Swiss-made and designed for the medical device industry to cut hard hairsprings such as coils, coiled catheters or stents, as well as stainless steel wires used to produce hearing aids, pacemakers or even for the detailed cutting of plastic molds.

Know how

Lindström combines over 165 years of successful experience with a passionate team focused on producing and providing the highest-quality precision tools. Lindström’s precision instruments are the perfect balance between human craftsmanship and industrialisation.


The Production Quality Control processes involve checking geometry, hardness, chemical resistance and tool lifespan. All Lindström tweezers undergo rigorous testing before they reach our customers.


In an effort to helping our customers work more productively, we offer tailor-made tools designed specifically for your field and to meet the most demanding standards in the market.

Contact and sample requests

If you would like to try Lindström's tweezers, you need a quote or you would like to see our customisation options, do not hesitate to contact us.