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Introducing the new Lindstrom 7154TC Precision Tungsten Carbide Cutter

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Flush Cuts on Guidewires, Catheters and Stents

The Lindstrom 7154TC Precision Tungsten Carbide Cutter is specifically developed for use on hard wire applications that have minimal inside diameter access. The precision cutting head design allows for consistent, precise flush “tip cuts” on catheters and trimming stents. An excellent choice for cutting guidewires as well.

Trimming a 0.4mm / 0.010” diameter Stainless Steel Catheter

Finished Flush tip cut on a 0.1mm / 0.004” inside diameter Stainless Steel Catheter

Raise the Limits of Precision

In Medical Device Applications, there is no tolerance for even the smallest deviations. Because anything less than a perfect result will not suffice, you need to be able to rely on high precision tools.


With the new Lindström 7154TC Precision Tungsten Carbide Cutter, we help you achieve flush cuts without pinches and accurately trim all Hard Wire materials. Now, the Lindström 7154TC can easily exceed the precision limits set by other tools and meet even the highest requirements for the most finely detailed applications.

The carbide insert cutting head ensures superior sharpness and excellent edge retention in repeated applications, enabling you to effortlessly and precisely cut hard wire materials like Stainless Steel, Nitinol, Platinum and Titanium thanks to the revolutionary carbide inserts 
Forged high-performance alloy steel for exceptional strength and reliability
A precision screw joint allows for minimized friction while maximizing the cutting edge at the tip alignment, ensuring best-in-class performance to achieve the desired results in all applications



  • The new M2 Series is designed to cut hard wires, stents, guidewires and single or multiple catheter filars
  • Enhanced induction hardening technique and modified cutting edges deliver precise cuts

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