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Anticipate your every need


Started in 1856, Lindström has set the standard in precision tool manufacturing by listening and collaborating with our customers. As one of the oldest continuous producers of hand tools in existence today, Lindström maintains its edge over the competition through its technical understanding, response to customer needs, and commitment to advanced technology. Metallurgy, manufacturing techniques, and tremendously skilled crafts people particularly in the hardening of steel are the hallmarks of this world renowned manufacturer.


Working with our customers to identify and solve new challenges helps keep our tools the best in the business. We believe that collaboration and close customer contacts allow us to anticipate new needs, innovating in ways that help bring new tools and solutions to life for our top industries.


Every cutter begins with the fundamental materials. We anticipate customers needs, making slight adjustments to these ingredients to change the way steel performs. Lindström has been refining this formula for over 150 years. The 1% carbon, with a pinch of chrome and other key materials, is similar in many ways to the steel used for high quality ball bearings. This is the material used for all Lindström pliers. The use of ball bearing grade steel and appropriate heat treatment ensures Lindström cutters last for longer than other brands used in the same applications.