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ERGO™ Phillips Screwdrivers with Rubber Grip

BE-8600 - BE-8624
Product Details
  • Screwdriver developed in accordance with the Scientific ERGO™ 11 Step Process
  • Phosphate finished tip for precise accuracy
  • Three-component handle for maximum user comfort, soft material with ridged undermold material provides superior grip and greater force transmission
  • Color-coded handle with symbol on the domed end is an easy-to-choose feature for selecting the right tip
  • No colour identification for extra small handle size PH0
  • Flat surface on screwdriver handle limits rolling
  • Integrated handle hole allows for hanging on a peg board, securing a laynard or inserting another screwdriver blade for added leverage
  • High-performance hardened alloy steel blade with chrome plating for high protection against corrosion and long tool life
  • Maximum comfort with minimum effort thanks to our ergonomic design
Technical Details
Grouped product items
Product Buy online
BE-8600 PH 0 60 mm 3 mm 17 mm 103 mm 163 mm 30 g
BE-8610 PH 1 75 mm 5 mm 27 mm 122 mm 197 mm 62 g
BE-8610L PH 1 * 200 mm 5 mm 27 mm 122 mm 322 mm 81 g
BE-8620L PH 2 * 200 mm 6 mm 36 mm 122 mm 322 mm 127 g
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