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Specials, Oblique standoff .060" shear cutter

Product Details
  • Similar to 111A, heavy-duty model with a 45° angle
  • To allow clearance for longer leads
  • Standoff is 0.045" (1.14 mm) unless otherwise specified
  • To order a standoff other than 0.045", state the length (for example, for 0.035" standoff, order part no. 121A-035)
  • Tool length: 6 in.
  • 152.4 mm
  • Illustration shows Supreme series handle
  • Tool can be produced with RX, 80 series or HS handles as specified by the end user
Technical Details
ESD Safe
Simple product attributes
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Specials, Oblique standoff .060" shear cutter 121A 114.3 mm 4.5 in 58 g
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