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Long Flush Precision Cut Reverse Angle Oblique Cutter 0.2 -0.8 mm

Product Details
  • HS series and reverse angle oblique cutter
  • ESD safe long foam handles with return spring
  • Flush cut
  • The stated cutting capacity is for copper wire
  • Suitable for cutting copper
  • High performance alloy steel
  • Polished finish
  • Numerically controlled machine grinding ensures edge angle accuracy and contact, increasing tool reliability and consistency
  • Precision induction hardened edges 63-65 HRC
  • Screw joint minimises friction and maximises alignment of cutting edges
  • Ideal for use in confined spaces
Technical Details
Simple product attributes
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HS7280 Angle 45° S 150.3 mm 5.91 in 18 mm 0,71 in 9 mm 0.35 in 6 mm 0,24 inch 3,5 mm 0,14 in 0.2-0.8 mm 0.01-0.03 in Flush 102 g Dissipative
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