About Lindström


Lindström has developed and produced high-precision cutters and pliers since 1856 - making us the oldest continuous producer of handtools in existence today.

Lindström is now a separate business unit within SNA Europe. Lindström is responsible for developing, producing and marketing not only cutters and pliers, but an assortment of high-precision tools including screwdrivers, tweezers, torque drivers and more. We have maintained our competitive edge through technical understanding, response to market needs, and commitment to advanced technology.

Some competitors have been able to implement one facet or another of the Lindström manufacturing process. Others have tried to copy the form, appearance and even the actual part numbers of Lindström tools. However, none has been able to successfully blend all the elements required to achieve the level of performance recognized as a true Lindström tool.

Our customers today have applications more demanding, varied and difficult to solve than ever before. They demand better performance, longer life and lower costs in every area. People have come to expect only the best from us. And as usual, Lindström will deliver.